When knowledge connects to action, dreams are given the opportunity to become a reality

FREE access to mentoring and budgeting support

FREE access to mentoring and budgeting support

Our Purpose

To empower individuals to succeed financially through a process of connecting financial literacy (knowledge) to the ongoing engagement of personal finances (application).

Financial literacy is one thing, financial application is another. It is the latter that we believe is missing for many individuals and our purpose is to assist bring the two together.

Knowledge has become so easily available that for many, that's where things stop financially. We know how things work we simply lack the ability or understanding of how to implement the changes needed to get ahead.

Sometimes that inability is through circumstances and other times choice. Regardless of which, with the right guidance and support people can bring the two together improving their financial future and that of their family.

Money Managed Smarter exists to provide that guidance and support.


Our Strategy 

Personal finances are different for everyone and therefore achieving our purpose requires a strategy that accounts for these differences.

Our strategy focuses on the implementation and delivery of the following four focus points in an appropriate order to give the greatest opportunity for the success of every individual and family.

It is important to draw a line in the sand between past and future. Past circumstances or habits might have got someone where they are today however they don't need to stay there. Defining a simple and effective plan focusing ahead is the first step.


Debt restricts the ability to save and saving reduces the need to rely on debt. Once this gets out of balance, any hope of a brighter financial future becomes lost.

Through education and implementation within a clear plan, our focus is to help restore a healthy balance between the two.

It is this balance that gives people back hope of a brighter future and starts them on the journey of making smarter money decisions.

Habits and behaviours cause people to leak money with no real knowledge that they are doing this. 

By introducing practical strategies that are simple and effective we aim to help expose what is really happening. It isn't about how much you earn but about how you use it that really counts.

Knowledge is great but if we do nothing with it then it's powerless. By encouraging the use of proven  techniques and processes we contribute to a greater level of personal ownership and success with money.


How you can support the difference we make 

Supporting MMS helps us deliver the support that is needed for so many. Through a mix of individual mentoring, group workshops and simple to use tools and resources we empower individuals and families with the help that is needed to restore both confidence and ability back into their financial world.

A world where dependency on debt to survive no longer exists and becomes replaced with a sense of purpose and confidence in managing personal finances smarter.

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