It is importnat however to remember nothing will ever give you instant results. That's a common reason for people giving up and deciding budgets don't work.

If you follow the process and guides you will experience a very different outcome than you may have in the past.

You also have support to get your budget working properly right from day one so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from getting started.

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Your information will still be held safely so if you decide to resubscribe in the future as long as you use the same email address you will be able to access your previously saved information.

If you want all information removed from our system permenantly email us from the same email that you used for setting up your account and we will remove the information for you.

Absolutely, unless of course you give out your details.

Not even your bank has access to the financial information you put into the Customised Online Planner.

You don't need to sign in via Facebook or Google, this is a totally standalone platform because money can be a sensitive topic and how you plan out your spending should be for your eyes only.

There is an exception, however you have full control of this exception.

1. If you chose to engage with customer or mentoring support it will be necessary to grant access for us to see your plan. This is done through the account settings and can be switched on and off by you as required.

Donations are processed by 'Stripe' and no card details are held or saved on the MMS site or within your account.

The Debt Monitor is a feature that helps the user understand their tolerance for debt.

By understanding the impact of current or future payments for debts, the user is better equipped to make strategic decisions with their finances as a whole rather than become squeezed financially.

When debt levels get too high it becomes impossible to save and no savings means you are at risk of further debt and finances getting out of control.

Keeping debt commitments at the right level for your personal circumstances is key to your financial success and why this feature is so important.

It's a unique feature not found in any other budgeting program we have researched and one of the key features that leads to success for users of the MMS System.

How can I explain it without giving away what makes this planner so successful?

Because everyone has the capacity to save and everyone's capacity is different, the Automated Savings Calculator determines your individual capacity based on two key factors in your budget.

It enables users to set a savings plan based on a realistic and achievable amount for them personally and as they continue to do this week after week, their confidence to achieve bigger financial goals grows.

This is another unique feature not found in any other budget planners we have researched.

Absolutely we do.

When logged in there are a couple of options.

1. Email

You can reach out with any questions you might have. We commit to respond within 48 hours however most response times are within 8 hours.

2. Schedule a live call.  

Use the Q&A function to schedule a 30 minute call via video link where we can connect with you personally via zoom and sharing your planner, assist you with anything you need help with.

NOTE: Live calls are free however we do encourage users to support this service if they get the value from these calls by making a one off donation. This is totally optional and not a requirement.

As a not for profit any donations over $5 are tax deductible and can be claimed in your annual tax return. (New Zealand residents only)