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Together we share a common belief 'People Matter'

Regardless of life's journey, everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy life financially. Mentoring and support to learn the skills of managing personal finances smarter shouldn't be reserved only for those who have the money to pay for it.

Providing a hand up (not a hand out) not only empowers, it also equips people with the ability to help the next generation too.


With more than 20 years combined experience in the real estate and mortgage industries, Tony has extensive knowledge of the challenges that people face financially from all walks of life.

The effects of the GFC were pretty tough on a lot of people and Tony not only witnessed but assisted many people who had the unfortunate experience of having to sell up property.  In addition others with aspirations to own their own home he saw give up on their dream and turn to splashing out their deposit on cars, holidays and other lifestyle decisions.

This then later led to a decision to exit the finance industry and focus on mentoring individuals to better balance personal financial decisions and equip them with the tools to become more proactive with their finances instead of being reactive. 

Covid was a stark reminder of just how unprepared individuals and families are financially. Clients that had worked with Tony previously weathered this period much easier than most and this led Tony to start thinking about how the support and guidance they had benefited from could become accessible to those who would benefit most from the same guidance and support.

In 2022 the journey began to establish 'Money Managed Smarter' and the charitable trust was established February 2023.

Tony Hailwood

Our Trustees

Tim Symons

With over 25 years’ experience in banking, finance and equity raising, Tim has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Tim has also previously held pastoral roles which reinforces his passion that people matter.

Helen Hailwood

With a background that spans mortgages and insurance, client and account management, Helen knows the importance of looking after those we are privileged to serve.

Helen sees the role of MMS as that of a parent. MMS cares for those it serves and encourages them to success just like a parent would with their child.

Dietmar Dyck

Dietmar has been involved across a number of industries during his working career and holds a MBA from the University of Canterbury. He is a passionate self learner with an insatiable need to know more.  

Dietmar's extensive experience guiding businesses through strategy and growth planning is a great asset to our work and purpose.

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