Why we exist

Money flows through every aspect of our lives. There's very little you can do without it and for many, their belief is there is very little they can do to change their financial future.

Several things contribute to this thinking, the environment someone grew up in, the circumstances they find themselves living in, what they see and hear around them and so much more.

The absence of any belief that this can change leaves many individuals trapped in a vicious circle, reactive to every day life situations and constantly living with a fear of what tomorrow might bring.

This isn't isolated to any specific social or economic group or income bracket. These same concerns and experiences are shared by people from all walks of life.

MMS aims to help people change their financial outlook and future by not simply focusing on the numbers but integrating change in both the thoughts and behaviours that hold people back without them even realising. 

When you change what is going on behind the actual numbers lives are changed for the better and financial outcomes can be improved leading to a greater quality of life and enjoyment.

One that should be available for everyone to experience and enjoy.

'Tell someone and they will forget
Show someone and they may remember 
Involve them and they will learn'

Information overload

If you want to know anything just ask google. Or scroll through social media and everyone has an opinion, a magic bullet that will apparently make you a fortune and solve all your money worries.

It's like taking a child into a candy store. So much choice and so much temptation but we all know that too much candy isn't a good thing right.

This overload of information is like a double sided sword. On one side it may help someone but on the other side it causes stress and anxiety. Most people do nothing because they can't answer the question of where to start or even believe it will work for them.

Living in debt or from pay day to pay day only changes when you are able to create a space for learning to take place. It's a journey of learning not just what you need to do but also how you will do it.

It's a journey where you can learn to understand your own 'Value System' when it comes to managing your finances and MMS supports people through that journey helping them build confidence in their decisions.

Confidence we believe is the foundation to change. This confidence leads to success and a desire to become more actively engaged with money in a proactive and positive manner.

Understanding your own 'Value System' and having the confidence in your own decisions overcomes information overload, stress and anxiety.

Changing behaviour changes outcomes and those positive outcomes then reshape our belief. This reinforces the confidence needed to continue the ongoing cycle of continual improvement in both actions and thoughts.

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