The Manage Money Smarter System (MMS)

A first glance at the name and one would think that it depicts a view that we don’t manage our money very well.

On the contrary, we all manage our money very well however over time we have become increasingly disconnected with our money decisions and for most people, life financially is a ‘Money in – Money out’ routine.

Developed by Tony Hailwood from working with people since 2002, the MMS system has become a very successful tool for anyone wanting better results from the money they earn.

Tony’s career spans 10 years as a Mortgage Broker and 8 years as a Personal Money Coach. His learnings from the combination of working in both these areas is what has allowed the MMS System to develop to what it is today.


What makes the MMS system so successful for users?

Successful budgeting is more than just adding and subtracting numbers. Of all the budgeting programs and tools explored this was what was found to be a common factor.

Being able to add and subtract will help you keep things paid but it doesn’t always translate to improved money outcomes. Often people budgeting this way find themselves becoming more reactive with money decisions rather than strategically finding ways of strengthening the money disciplines that can help them get ahead financially.

The MMS system starts by helping users build the right foundation and framework for their personal finances that then easily connects them to their money and focuses the user on developing their own value system for their finances.

Having their own value system means users stop focusing on the achievements of others and instead move their focus to the financial goals that they would like to achieve themselves.

The faster they define their own value system, the more achievable their goals become.


What makes the MMS system different from other budgeting planners?

When creating the MMS system Tony’s focus was to provide a system that could work for anyone regardless of their money situation.

To do this he knew it was vital he created a program that focused not just on the numbers but the behaviours too.

Most financial decisions are driven by either a conscious or subconscious situation.

The MMS system is designed to help users focus on both, hence the name ‘Manage Money Smarter’

By using a program where you start to understand both, the financial circumstances start to improve faster. The desire to stay engaged with your money decisions becomes imbedded in your day-to-day routine.

There's no ‘One size fits all’ when it comes to money so a planner that only focuses on numbers will always have limited results for most users.

It is connecting the numbers with the decisions and behaviours that makes the real difference.

That’s what makes the MMS different.