Calculate Your Minimum Savings Capacity

Enter below your income and any debt commitments you have including your mortgage or rent payment.

Debts include things like personal loans, car loans, BNPL payments (Afterpay etc) credit card payments etc.

Then hit the calculate button to work out your minimum savings capacity right now!

This simple calculator has been used successfully since 2014 to help people begin the process of saving money every week.

As your debts get paid off, use this calculator again to work out your new savings amount.

I had found in the first five to six weeks that I had saved nearly $1,000.
I had never done this in my life and it felt good.
Deborah - NapierĀ 

The key to success is trusting the process, calculate your minimum savings, then every week put the money aside and budget off the rest. Review your progress in 4 weeks time and celebrate your success.

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Name Amount Frequency

The MMS budgeting planner works this out for you automatically as part of your budget.

When your budget changes the automated calculator adjusts your savings capacity so you always know how much you can save without compromising your other expenses.

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